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16.11.2011, 09:18 - Sickmind - Rank 1 - 2 Posts

Tactical Assault

TA (Tactical Assault) is a full game based on Unreal Development Kit technology that will focus on combining tactical gameplay with arcade style and speed; while utilizing the immense power of the UT3 Engine.

The gameplay will be based on squad based team play like top first person shooters such as COD4, Counter Strike and TO:AoT,

It will pit the Strike Force against Mercenaries in intense round based objectives and stunning scenarios. Tactical Assault offers a wide variety of modern weaponry and beautifully rendered maps.

We are hard at work producing new maps that give the right feel for the game, they will reward team play while still allowing opportunities for individuals to shine and capture their glory. If you love action-packed first person shooters with great community involvement, then stay tuned.

The Dev Team

The Tactical Assault Development Team is an international effort. We have fans from all over the world as well. Many of the team members have years of experience working with game creation and are very active within UDK and FPS communities. The team is working hard everyday to ensure that our first release to the public will surprise you with its quality. The team is very friendly and welcomes any and all help. Feel free to stop by and apply for a position or just post your suggestions on the forum.

We have been very busy the last few months concentrating on creating weapons, characters, and maps for our new media page which has just gone live!

Matt Lefevere has done a great job in rendering our handful of approved weapons in a UDK Scene. No, these are not in 3ds Max, Marmoset, or touched up in Photosho

These are all INGAME Screenshots!

More approved weapons can be found directly on our official site & forums

---------- older media --------

Tactical Assault Youtube channel
18.11.2011, 17:47 - MaN|aC.sH - Rank 6 - 686 Posts
ach, ist es bald soweit?
wir warten ja nur schon seit jahren amused
18.11.2011, 18:27 - Sickmind - Rank 1 - 2 Posts
Wir aimen auf der erste teil von 2012.

2 nue coders, 2 weapon animators, a character modeler und a team of environment modelers haben uns gejoined.

Ein der Tactical Ops core developers hast unser team gejoined und hilft mit der hardest code.

Am die ende von 2009 haben wir ein nue start gemacht auf UDK.

Die weapons, characters und maps sind viel besser gemacht.

Tactical assault ist ein standalone spiel. UDK macht das mogentlicht.

Fur die UDK macht man updates. Die letzte version kan auch auf die Mac.

Srry fur mein slechte Deutsch.

Bitte lesen sie die Deutsche media smiling

19.11.2011, 09:11 - MaN|aC.sH - Rank 6 - 686 Posts
Danke für die Informationen.
Wir werden es antesten, sobald ihr es released.
Bin sehr gespannt. wink

Ich brauch auch mal wieder einen shooter in dem man keine achievements freispielen muss amused

05.02.2012, 17:52 - Chrisman - Rank 4 - 174 Posts
häh ich find den gefällt mir knopf nicht...